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Are YOU Ready to Consider the Benefits of Remote Office Administration?

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This is a quick guide to the value of a Virtual Assistant.

A flat economy might be the time for you to consider using a Virtual Assistant to help cut administrative costs in your office. That's why I wrote Dispelling Some of the “Myths” About Virtual Assistance. If you'd like to read it, click - Myth Busting.

I'm a Virtual Assistant living in Frankfort, Kentucky. From here, I can be part of your team, because today's technology is incredible. Frankfort, Kentucky is the State Capital, so our business environment is among the best in the country. Work with me, and you’ll see the following savings:

  • Spend 30% LESS for a VA than you pay for a full-time administrative employee.

  • Spend 50-55% LESS for a VA than you would pay a staffing agency for temporary administrative support

You simply pay for the service provided--no taxes, no benefits, and no insurance.  A great savings, PLUS you’ll receive support from a seasoned administrative professional with 25 years of experience.

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I won't sell or share your contact information, but I will send ideas about how a “Virtual Assistant” can help you keep some money in your pocket.

A Virtual Assistant is an administrative professional who can handle almost everything an on-site Administrative Assistant handles, except we handle the work outside of your office building. You can email the work, or ship it by FedEX or UPS. Once the project is finished, we will return it to you utilizing the method of your choice, including the U.S. mail, if time is not an issue.

You submit the work, and we will return it for your approval by your specified date.

We communicate by phone, email, text messages, faxing, Priority Mail or FedEx. Anywhere at any time.

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A Virtual Assistant works as needed. If you have a project, we’ll do whatever it takes to give you what you need, when you need it.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations, while helping to make your office as manageable, efficient, and cost-effective as possible.

More work is done in less time. You pay only for actual work. No employee taxes, insurance, or need for work space and equipment. We do everything an on-site Administrative Assistant can do, just quicker, and in many instances with more experience.

Transcription from audio/visual formats

·         Presentations, published reports, e-books, training hand-outs, self-published documents, and so much more.  On every occasion, our work has helped our clients make money.  Think about the time savings alone. 

It doesn’t really matter where I am.  What really matters is that your project will be completed in a timely manner, and within your budget. 

In summary, I can help lower your overhead costs by:

  • getting your project to you by email or FedEx

  •  making a PowerPoint presentation

  •  writing a news article

  • composing your letters or emails

  • making your customer service phone calls

  • making your appointments for you

  • following up with your customers after a sale

  • creating a mailing list from your website

  • developing spreadsheets and databases

  • designing graphs, charts, or posters for board meetings, lectures and presentations

  • answering your phones

The POSSIBILITIES are endless!

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